17 March 2008

Why I'm Opposed to Hillary Clinton

As this nomination process in the Democratic Party wears on, I become more and more angry with Hillary Clinton. Despite my angry post from a few weeks back, I wasn't always so opposed to Clinton. Back when she was inevitable she seemed quite likable and civil, and while I knew she was capable of shrewd political calculation, I had no idea just to what extent. Now that she's been backed into a corner she is showing her true colors, and frankly, it's a wee bit scary. Considering that the delegate math has only gotten worse for her since I last posted on this subject, it's becoming extremely evident that the only chance she has is if the superdelegates move en masse to overturn the pledged delegate trend towards Obama. There's nothing inherently wrong with this, the system was setup to allow the superdelegates to do just that in a situation like this if they wanted to, but I would be extremely disappointed with the Democratic Party if that is how this ends.

In my opinion, frankly, Hillary Clinton is a cold, calculating, vitriolic, stubborn and spiteful bitch. I haven't always been of this opinion, and many of you may think that this is no way to pick a president, but stay with me till the end here. Many people held this opinion of her long before this race ever got started, but seeing as I was only 3 when Bill took office, I wasn't really old enough to form an opinion of her while she was first lady, and since Bill left office, she hadn't really been in the news enough for me form one until this past year. My opinions are not based on some long held hatred for the Clintons such as many Obama supporters are often accused of, but rather on the disgusting win at all costs campaign tactics that have been used just in the last few months. Many have wondered in the past weeks and months just how the Clinton Camp can possibly keep making so many mistakes. Well, that's just the point, there's no way politicians as shrewd and experienced as the Clintons could make so many mistakes. Have you ever noticed that whenever Hillary does something that makes the media uneasy she winds up pulling through in the end with a victory. Hillary can afford people like Ferraro making statements like she did because she can claim to denounce them, and then after that Ferraro is free to go off as a loose cannon, unattached to the Clinton Campaign, and continue to plant the seeds of doubt concerning Obama. It doesn't matter if Ferraro's statements may be slightly harmful to Clinton, the damage she does Barack by making them is far greater. Another, perhaps stronger example is the famous change of heart she had the weekend before Texas and Ohio. Hillary let everyone know about how it was such an honor to even be on the stage with Barack and everyone was ready to declare the bitter feuding over and figured the campaign would come to a nice, peaceful ending with a unity ticket between the two and an inevitable run to the White House.

Well, Hillary had other plans. The whole thing was a setup for the weekends attacks. She knew that by contradicting herself so strongly over the last three days before the primaries she would create a media frenzy. The television pundits said she'd lost control. They said she no longer had a consistent message, that she was burying herself in a muddle of contradictory statements. The fact is, she knew these inconsistent remarks would cause a stir, and this helped her accomplish her goal, which was making sure the voters of Texas and Ohio heard the words Shame on you Barack Obama over and over for the last three days before they went to the polls. And do you know what the best part of it was? She didn't even have to pay to put it on the air; the cable news networks did it all free of charge. I think we'll see much of the same as we move closer to the convention. We'll see Hillary say and do things that seem to be as damaging to her as they are to Barack, but in reality it's all part of a calculated plan to create as much havoc as she can. This is because the plan is twofold. I've already described the first part, which is to pick up as many votes as she can in the primaries to make the number of superdelegates she needs to come out on top as small as she can. The second part concerns the superdelegates themselves. I think we'll continue to see missteps qutie similar Ms. Ferraro's statements and Hillary's not as far as I know comment regarding Barack's religion in the aim of causing mass confusion within the Democratic Party. She wants as much doubt about Barack Obama out there as she can get, no matter how much it damages her as well, because she knows that when the superdelegates actually go to cast their votes at the convention, with so much utter chaos in the party, the name Clinton will be familiar and safe, and the name Obama will be new and untested. This is how Hillary Clinton intends to win the nomination. She's intentionally tearing the Democratic Party apart, so that she can be the nominee.

Now, my objection isn't some sort of lame pathetic cry that what she's doing is unfair or that she's trying to steal the nomination from Barack and therefore he deserves it. Frankly, this is politics, and I think it's safe to say that there are absolutely no rules, and absolutely nothing is sacred. This doesn't mean however, that we can't judge Hillary's merit by her actions in this campaign. I think Hillary's actions indicate that she is exactly the sort of person we don't want in the White House to clean up this mess. She is truly a disgusting person, and would really rather not have to call her my president. I don't really care about who has a better health care plan or who thought what when about the Iraq war; we all know that on January, 20th 2009 everything any of them has said becomes absolutely meaningless. This is why, all other things being equal (which, lets face it, with Barack and Hillary they pretty much are), you have to just vote for whoever is the better person. Barack may have his skeletons, and he may not be quite all that he seems, but he's certainly nothing like Hillary. And that's damn good enough for me.


susan marie said...

This is a very shrewd analysis for someone so young to have written. Bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

Your "youthful, but very mature" insight is so correct. I am a statistician/econometrician,but I know a lot about astrology and how people order themselves -- their propensities. Hillary was born under the sign of Scorpio. Put simply, she THIRSTS for power. And once more, your astute observations vis-a-vis her "vicious" person and her political behaviors are extremely keen and correct.

Loki said...

I Voted For Hilary Clinton
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Jackson said...

I appreciate the praise from the first two, but I have to say astrology is very much the sort of thing this site seeks to eliminate. The idea that what month you were born in has some effect on your personality, scientifically speaking, is ridiculous.

To loki, well, I hope your just having formatting problems or something, because yoru comment is barely readable.

John Hagee (the person I assume you are referring to by "John McCain Minister") is a disgusting, hateful, and evil man. And the difference is that John McCain has openly embraced Hagee as a campaign partner, Barack wants nothing to do with Jeremiah Wright and his remarks. If you think that this one little fiasco has lost Barack the election I think you haven't seen enough of politics. People will forget this. His opponents know there is only so much life in haring on this one incident, and then they will move on. By the structure of your sentences I think you meant to say "definitely not Muslim," but I just want to note that the very idea that there can simultaneously be a scandal concerning Barack's very Christian pastor, and claims that he is a Muslim speaks volumes to the gullibility and ignorance of the American people. And what do you think? Barack has spent 40 some years hiding some sort of racism (and perfectly I might add, not one racist slip himself ever) with the cheif ambition of getting into the White House and then catering to some "black agenda?" Um, no, don't think so. The fact that a man who gave one of the greatest speaches regarding unity that I in my short lifetime have ever seen (2004 Democratic keynote address) can be attached as racist once again speaks to the depressing level of ignorance of the average American.

Anonymous said...

This post is pretty much right on. This is the politics of the old, of which the Clinton's, Bush's, Reagon's and all the rest are about. In fact it's reached a point that if you don't use this sort of approach, you're pretty much done. Not to say that Obama isn't capable of playing politics but if anyone saw his speech today, ... well let's just say no one would have had the courage to do that in the past or anyone else today. Speak directly to all the people. And to the earlier comment about him being racist, perhaps now you know the real definition and what racism is all about.