19 March 2008

Obama Speaks It Like It Is

No politician running for office, especially that of president, has ever said anything like this to the American people. I just hope it doesn't backfire.

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Anonymous said...

This is not only a first class speech but addresses an issue long haunting this country and the world in a first class manner. This is looking every American square in the eye and saying do you really want change and do you really want to move on to dealing with issues in a very real manner. No offense to any political group, but let's hope we aren't going to hear about "just words", or only capable of giving speeches. People who think like this are not merely poiticians "telling you what you want to here." And further, is this not a major issue of the world, the little blue dot this blog was founded on? Tell me again, with careful, objective thought that this man isn't ready to lead. This man, Barack Obama, is ready to lead. The question is, are the American people ready to join him?