16 February 2008

I Love Madison

ok, i gotta break my vow cause the most hilarious thing just happened in the hallway, it went a little like this:

Random drunk chick in my hallway at 12:30 on Friday night/Saturday morning: Hey man...
Me: hey, what's up?
Drunk chick: 'dyou know Ben?
Me: Ben Shapiro? (who's room we are currently standing right outside of)
Drunk chick (who obviously either didn't know, or had forgotten Ben's last name): Ben. He's from Wisconsin
Me: Yeah, that's his room right there.
Drunk chick: 'dyou know where he is? 
Me: no, I don't
Drunk chick: you mean, like, you legitimately haven't seen him all night *looks for a moment as if about to puke*
Me: nope, sorry, don't know where he is
Drunk chick: (stumbles down the hallway hiccupping)

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