16 February 2008

Hypocrisy at its Finest

Ok, last post for the night. (I'm telling ya, home on a Friday night is incredibly boring)

Bill Clinton came to town on Thursday (actually, just about everyone associated with the presidential campaign has been in town during the last week, save Hillary herself, who will be here Sunday) and said one thing during the hour that he talked that I really really agreed with (not to say there weren't others).  He was talking about nuclear weapons, and the ridiculous hypocritical positions that our government currently takes.  Few people ever question the authority of the United States to tell other countries whether they can or cannot have nuclear weapons, but the fact is that we have approximately 10,000 nuclear weapons ourselves.  In case your eyes didn't do a double take like mine did the first time I saw that number I'll type it again.  10,000 nuclear weapons!  According to Bill's speach yesterday (and I haven't researched this myself, so I can't claim to know that its true with certainty), the United States is currently attempting to develop two new varieties of nuclear weapons (my guess is something tactical, but I could be completely wrong).  To quote Bill "There's probably a better salesman than me in here, but I think that's a pretty tough sell.  We don't want you to have one of what we want two new of."  Aside from the wordiness and the fact that Bill was undoubtedly the best salesman in the room, that statement is completely true.  The idea that we in the United States somehow have the right to tell other countries whether or not they have the right to have nuclear weapons or not is preposterous.  And until we show some resolve to get rid of our own nuclear arsenal, which poses nothing but a threat to global security, we have no legitimate right to tell other countries what they can and cannot do with regard to nuclear weapons.


Anonymous said...

This certainly has been a mystery. When we look at it from a military perspective it's just simply black and white, we want an advantage when it comes to power. From a conservative point of view,how else would we keep the bad guys from getting us. When it comes to "Bush," too much has happened on his watch already and he wouldn't want to bring back "Rummy" to open a third front. But then it's more likely and correct that it's the Southern Evangelicals who truely have the right answer, "God is on our side."

Jackson said...

I'm presuming sarcasm there?